North American snowmobile sales increase 16%

Sales of new snowmobiles increased by 16% in North America during the 2020-2021 selling season, according to statistics recently released by the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) at the International Snowmobile Congress (ISC). Both the 59,234 units sold in the United States and the 109,801 units sold in North America were each the highest recorded since 2009, when 61,593 new sleds were retailed in the U.S.. 

“We had a pretty darn good year – sales of snowmobiles worldwide were 133,444,” said ISMA president Ed Klim at the ISC event.

International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association, ISMA, snowmobile sales

Annual sales in the snowmobile market are a reflection of “new” models sold and delivered to customers between May 1 the previous year through April 30 of the current year, including new/current model machines (2021 models) and recent, non-current new models that were still in inventory. The numbers do not include “spring-order” machines for which customers put a down payment this spring but which will be delivered until next fall and winter.

Powersports Business reported in a previous edition the increase in new snowmobile customers throughout last winter. For more info on the stats, sibling publication Snow Goer has more details and analysis.