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‘How do you think the upcoming presidential election will affect your business?’

That’s the question we asked in the recent Q3 Powersports Business/BMO Capital Markets Dealer Survey.

It’s probably time to grab that bowl of popcorn you were thinking about having sometime today, and settle in to read the responses. As with all Powersports Business dealer surveys, responses are anonymous. We share a handful of dealers replies from the U.S. and Canada below.

  • Until it is finalized will cause some contraction    
  • This will affect us greatly    
  • A Democratic win will negatively effect business for 2021        
  • Republicans keep control = good; Democrats take over = bad, taxes, controls, fear, socialism, law and order
  • If Trump loses it’s a new ball game           
  • Need Trump, will be great…. Biden will be a disaster      
  • It’s going to affect the whole powersports market if we don’t get Trump in for a second term.       
  • I think it will take some time to recover from the uncertainty that some people are showing, but those that already have motorcycles are still riding and spending money.    
  • Higher taxes will significantly hurt business and income.          
  • Trump wins we are in; Trump looses we are out.
  • If Republicans don’t win, the economy will tank and consumer spending will flatten.           
  • If Biden wins it will collapse.           
  • Trump Strong           
  • I don’t know, but I wish it was over.          
  • Re-electing Trump will create good business environment in US
  • There are no good outcomes as all of the candidates are incompetent. If Biden wins, hopefully we will at least return to some level of stability and not be the laughing stock of the rest of the free world.    
  • Excellent if Trump stays in office   
  • I don’t believe the election will have much impact on business.
  • If Trump wins i think we will be ok, if Biden wins God help us  
  • Depends who is president in January       
  • LARGELY       
  • Canada needs a Donald Trump of our own.         
  • If we get #trump2020 in there will be a positive. If we get #hidenfrombiden            
  • It is going to slow the number of persons who want product, can’t find what they want and are not willing to travel for it.
  • Depending upon the outcome.
  • Not sure        
  • Might affect the CND dollar
  • If Trump doesn’t win we are all screwed. 
  • If Biden wins we will see a knee-jerk reaction from most consumers that will result in a downturn in business and the economy.        
  • Not concerned          
  • If Trump don’t win there a BIG downturn in our business        
  • Ha, guess it depends on who wins…it’ll get slow right before, then hopefully get back to rocking right after, and the country gets back to work and everything open 
  • No      
  • Could be very bad depending on outcome           
  • Slow down in business        
  • It all depends on who gets in.         

Those are just a sliver of the total responses. There were plenty more that rang similar tones.

— Dave McMahon, editor, dmcmahon at

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  1. Without inventory, the outcome of the presidency want matter! Folks, we have to get back to work.

  2. If Biden gets in we are doomed. The power sports business will be over. Life as we know it will change in a negative way. Freedoms will be lost and they will control your life. 401K’s will plummet.

    1. GEEZ! We’ve managed to survive every US president, good or bad. This will be no different. Stop being such a Nervous Nancy..

    2. Out of curiousity, under what Democratic administration did any of things you predict actually happen? The only 2 economic collapses in the past 20 years or so have happened with Republicans in the White House.

    3. The view from the Frozen North is a little different. While Biden may not be wonderful for Canada, Trump will be disastrous for the rest of the world. He is already an off colour joke. The man is the same person he has been all his life. I truly wonder about the sanity of his supporters.

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