Arctic Cat launches some of its 2021 model-year snowmobiles

Arctic Cat has released the first part of its 2021 model lineup, and shared news that Snowmageddon is back, with the full 2021 snowmobile model lineup being introduced in November.

After experiencing great success with its pre-order plan for selling snowmobiles at the retail level, Arctic Cat is ramping up its 2021 program by providing its dealers and customers more time to make their purchase decision.

In addition to releasing some of its 2021 models, Arctic Cat revealed two new updates from its parts and accessories business:

• Nearly every model comes with a ship-with kit that are discounted when purchased as a kit versus purchasing the components separately.

• The second is a new program, “Give Your Cat an Extra Life,” which is a kit to extend the season of a customer’s Arctic Cat while they wait for their 2021. Customers who pre-order before Dec. 31 will receive a discount on a kit of their choice from the kit list provided.

Also new this year, Arctic Cat will be launching a new customer program. Any customer who pre-orders a 2021 snowmobile will be part of the brand’s new customer group. Existing members of Cat’s Pride or Team 2020 will be grandfathered into the group. There will be more information to come on this new customer group in the future.

Check out the full model details over at PSB’s sibling publication, Snow Goer.

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