Owner closes five dealership locations: report

We’ve heard of sporadic dealership closures in recent months, but nothing along the lines of what happened in the past few weeks, when an owner of five dealerships closed all of them in one fell swoop, according to a report on Seattletimes.com.

A Sept. 23 report with the headline “5 Seattle-area motorcycle dealerships abruptly closed by their owner, a Microsoft executive” offers that five NobleRush dealerships — including several European brand franchises — “were shuttered by their owner, a Microsoft executive who is described as an avid motorcycle racer with little apparent experience in the industry.”

Read the Seattle Times article here.

And read the follow-up article from the Seattle Times, "Lawsuit: Microsoft manager-turned-motorcycle dealer's firms owed millions of dollars on new bikes" here.

Read the PSB article “Ducati dealership relocates, wows with new storefront” from 2016 here.

Ducati of Redmond is one of the shuttered dealerships in the Seattle area.

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  1. Too bad. In my experience (20 plus years in the industry) and absentee owner is the kiss of death for a dealership. Looks like the floor plan provider found bikes out of trust or just plainly had enough.

    As for price slashing - selling at a loss and making it up in volume has never been a winning strategy. I hope the dealers bond is enough to help out the customers who have paid for product

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