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Arm wrestling as a seminar warm-up? Who knew?! (Insta)

Industry 20-group moderator Gart Sutton has been known to start his dealer training seminars at AIMExpo with a dance-a-thon of sorts as a way to get dealers excited about his class, but this year in Columbus, Sutton opted for something a little different — an arm-wrestling contest with an unsuspecting dealer.

That’s right, Sutton and Tampa Triumph general manager Kendrix Jones squared off prior to Gart’s 8:30 a.m. session on Friday, “Help Me, Hurt Me — How to Convert All 5 of Your Profit Centers into ‘Help Me’ Moneymakers Using Best Practices You Can’t Afford to Ignore.”

A total of 140 dealers woke up bright and early in Columbus on Friday to attend the Powersports DEALER Seminars @ AIMExpo sponsored by National Powersport Auctions and Synchrony. Powersports Business celebrated its seventh year of serving as the seminar curator by welcoming the largest number of dealers to attend the track sessions in their current 2-day format.

A pair of sessions — the aforementioned presented by Sutton and a Friday finale with dealership owner Collin Austin — attracted more than 70 dealers each.

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