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Yamaha WaveRunner racers sweep P1 AquaX Enduro Round One

Yamaha riders aboard the new FX WaveRunner platform swept the Pro Enduro class over the weekend, led by Broward Motorsports’ Chris MacClugage, Riva Racing’s Brian Baldwin, and Dean’s Team’s Aqsa Aswar respectively. Eleven other Yamaha racers filled the top 14 spots.

According to Yamaha WaveRunner product manager Scott Watkins, with the addition of the new FX platform for 2019 and the already proven GP1800R, Yamaha riders are going to have their choice of the two best platforms in the industry for the 2019 race season.

“In the extreme conditions we had in Daytona, the larger FX platform was the choice for most of the pro riders,” said Watkins. “Our GP platform will be the choice for most closed course, calmer racing conditions. Either way, Yamaha is the brand that will be on the podium every event in 2019.”

Round 2 of the P1 AquaX Tour is scheduled for June 15-16 at St. Pete Beach in Florida.

Round One Pro Enduro Top 10 Finishes:

  1. Chris MacClugage, Yamaha
  2. Brian Baldwin, Yamaha
  3. Aqsa Aswar, Yamaha
  4. Aero Aswar, Yamaha
  5. Christian Daly, Yamaha
  6. Eric Francis, Yamaha
  7. Dennis Mack, Yamaha
  8. Eric Lagopoulos, Yamaha
  9. Tyler Hill, Yamaha
  10. Jason Russo, Yamaha

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