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EICMA 2018: Dainese introduces third generation D-air Range

The 2019 D-air range marks the debut of the third generation of the Dainese airbag, which offers improved ergonomics and efficiency. The airbag and algorithm are designed to protect the most exposed areas of the body and to deploy at exactly the right moment. For the track, Dainese has launched the new Misano 2 D-air, a professional leather racing suit. The airbag system is also making its debut in some of Dainese’s most iconic road gear, from the Avro D-air suit to the leather Racing 3 D-air jacket and the Carve Master 2 D-air, the Gore-Tex garment built for sport touring. The top-of-the-line Tuono D-air completes the collection.

For the first time, Dainese is also launching several D-air garments designed for women, including the Misano 2 Lady D-air, the first professional leather suit for women equipped with an airbag, the Avro Lady D-air, and the Racing 3 Lady D-air. The products from the women’s D-air line offer the same features and technology as the men’s line.

Protected by 27 patents, the internal microfilaments are a distinctive feature of the airbag – the heart of the D-air system – and the microfilaments are the key feature that prevents the bag from losing its shape and guarantees controlled inflation along with even pressure and protection over the entire surface.

Due to extensive and ongoing research and the analysis of more than 2,000 activations, the bag in the D-air system has been redesigned to only cover areas of the body that need the most protection. The D-Air redesign strikes a perfect balance between safety and ergonomics, ensured by a system that is 37 percent lighter than the previous version. The third-generation airbag is now better integrated into garments and guarantees comfort equal to that of a traditional jacket.

Also new for the third generation D-Air system is the replaceable airbag: after an activation, airbags can now be replaced by an authorized dealer.

This week at EICMA 2018, Dainese Group will be displaying its new products in Pavilion 15, Stand I06.

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