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Dealership sales of UTVs by region featured in Lightspeed study

A study provided exclusively to Powersports Business from CDK Global Recreation’s Lightspeed DMS shows how many side-by-sides on average were sold per year by each dealership in its region.

Dealers like Pioneer Motorsport in Chaffee, New York, are expanding their showrooms to carry a more extensive lineup of side-by-sides. Photos courtesy of Pioneer Motorsport

The study, which will be featured in its entirety in an upcoming print edition of Powersports Business, includes 194,000 side-by-sides sold between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018 at dealerships in the U.S. and Canada that use the Lightspeed DMS. The study includes all UTV segments, including multi-purpose, sport, work and non-specific UTV segments. The study only includes units where the VIN number can be decoded to identify the exact make, model, product line and segment. OEMs that do not provide specific VIN decoding were not included.

UTV unit sales remain nearly the same as the last time Lightspeed completed a similar study in February 2018 that also was featured in recent editions of PSB.

Dealerships in the West region averaged over 150 UTVs sold per dealership. This is about one UTV sold every two days.

The average in the South dropped by five units from the previous study, now averaging 146 units per dealer.

California dealerships averaged 138 UTVs sold during the 12-month period, while Midwest dealers averaged 113 in this study’s time frame.

The Northwest and Northeast dealerships averaged 79 and 69 UTVs sold, respectively. This is roughly one UTV sold every five days.

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