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Major broadcast coverage created by

The Motorcycle Industry Council’s communications team arranged a satellite media tour that put motorcycling on 14 TV news stations nationwide, plus websites and radio stations, with actor and rider Ian Ziering. Generously providing his time and talent as spokesperson, Ziering presented a variety of new motorcycles and riding gear, talked about rider training, and promoted June’s Ride to Work Day as well as the and websites.

The media tour, staged for three hours at a studio in Burbank, California, on June 12, was followed two days later with a lengthy live appearance by Ziering on the KTLA Morning News, the most popular a.m. news program in the huge Los Angeles market.

“In just a few days, we garnered broadcast coverage in markets from LA to Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Austin, Las Vegas and more, and it wasn’t just about quantity and millions of viewers,” said Ty van Hooydonk, MIC vice president of communications. “Ian did a great job of delivering a lot of quality information and we owe him for being very well prepared, enthusiastic and genuine. He stayed on point, standing under the lights in riding gear for hours.”

Timing was right for another TV tour, heading into summer just before Ride to Work Day, with Ziering looking ahead to publicity work for the latest installment of his popular “Sharknado” TV movie series. “The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time” premieres Aug. 19 on SYFY.

To help make it happen, funding members provided an adventure bike, a sport bike, a cruiser and a youth dirt bike, while Motorcycle Industry Council aftermarket members outfitted Ziering in riding gear for the studio session.

Two days after the media tour, staff escorted Ziering to a live morning appearance on KTLA, where he sat at the anchor desk and was interviewed by veteran entertainment reporter Sam Rubin and the rest of the news team.

In addition to the live interview and the media tour, Ziering posted images and comments on Twitter and his own popular Instagram feed, and he went live on Instagram in-studio during the media tour. KTLA added to the social media effort with its own tweets about Ziering’s appearance that morning.

Taking into consideration the results of this satellite media tour, and return on investment, staff will be looking for opportunities to do another one at the right time.

Click here to see Ian Ziering live on the KTLA Morning News.

Click these links to see some of the satellite media tour with Ian Ziering:

National Ride To Work Day



The satellite media tour firm contracted to stage the tour provided the following results:

“All 19 participating outlets aired their interviews as planned, giving us an audience reach over 13.6 million. Along with this, we have also confirmed outlets that have posted or will be posting the interview in their website, currently bringing an additional 5.6 million in reach. The satellite media tour also brought an estimated Twitter Follower Reach over 2.5 million (Not including the potential reach from Follower Retweets). All together we have potentially reached an audience of over 21.9 million!” is the industry’s media outreach program. puts motorcycling where you don’t expect to see it, in front of big mainstream audiences, many times in places where the industry can’t afford to buy that space, or in places that can’t even be bought. The funders of are BMW, Honda, Husqvarna, Indian, Kawasaki, KTM, Slingshot, Suzuki and Yamaha.

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