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Vespa showcases 2019 SE models at Amerivespa

Last week at the Vespa Club of America’s annual Amerivespa rally in Richmond, Virginia, Vespa presented the new Vespa special edition Notte, Yacht Club, and 50th Anniversary and Primavera S models for 2019 for the first time in North America. The models will be arriving over the next few months at dealerships in the U.S. and Canada.

In the spirit of the festivities, Vespa arrived with aim to surprise, showing never before seen production models from Italy, destined for the North American markets later this year as early 2019 models. Each of the sponsored activities throughout the rally showcased a new special edition family, featuring the upcoming Primavera 50th Anniversary, Primavera S, Yacht Club, and Notte model versions.

Primavera 50th Anniversary Model 

Primavera 50th Anniversary Model

Vespa Primavera celebrates its fabulous first 50 years. The first version of what would become a timeless classic arrived on the market in 1968 and was a revolution: small, nimble, propelled by a peppy engine, Primavera gave free flight to several generations and remained in continuous production until 1982. It became a legendary model, but also one of the most spectacular commercial successes in Vespa’s history.

Today Vespa Primavera embodies all the values ​​that, half a century ago, made it successful. Young, innovative, technologically avant-garde, agile and dynamic, and environmentally friendly, Vespa Primavera is a modern bike, inheriting the freshness and joie de vivre of its progenitor.

The most important news comes from the size of the wheel rims: 12″, made of aluminum alloy and with a new five-spoke design, they are the largest in Vespa’s history. This provides greater stability, improved safety, and better holding on all surfaces and in all road conditions.

On top of all the new features that enrich the range, the special edition Vespa Primavera S incorporates a fully digital instrument panel with a 4.3″ full color TFT display. It is a true revolution for Vespa, which for the first time in its history boasts a completely digital color dashboard.

2019 Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary Special Editions – Pricing and availability


Primavera 50cc 50th Anniversary – Available in July, MSRP $4,149

Primavera 150cc 50th Anniversary – Available in July, MSRP $5,449

Primavera S 150cc – Available in July, MSRP $5,549


Primavera 50cc 50th Anniversary – Available in July, MSRP $4,545

Primavera Yacht Club

Primavera Yacht Club

The elegant Italian style typical of Vespa encounters the fascinating world of yachting and sailing: this pairing of elegance and finesse is the wellspring of the special series Primavera Yacht Club and GTS Yacht Club, developed using the technical specifications of the latest small and large frame Vespa.

Vespa Primavera Yacht Club, available in 50 and 150cc versions, and Vespa GTS Yacht Club, available in 300cc version, stand out for their white color, embellished with numerous navy blue details. These include, beside the special graphics on the chassis, the rims, varnished an opaque blue with a special diamond finish, the “tie” on the front shield, also blue with chrome ornaments, and the rubber floorboard inserts. An additional distinct element, exclusive of the Yacht Club special series is the saddle, with the white edge that runs around the perimeter of the saddle, as well as the plate with the Yacht Club logo placed on the rear shield complete the personalization and highlight the attention given to even minute details.

2019 Vespa Yacht Club – Pricing and availability


Primavera 50cc Yacht Club – Available in August, MSRP $4,049

Primavera 150cc Yacht Club – Available in August, MSRP $5,349

GTS 300 Yacht Club – Available in August, MSRP $7,049


Primavera 50cc Yacht Club – Available in August, MSRP $4,445

GTS 300 Notte 


The Vespa Notte special series is dedicated to those who the love attention to detail and meticulous finish of high quality products that are a pleasure to own and show off.

Vespa Notte is the special series available for Vespa Sprint (50cc and 150cc versions) and for Vespa GTS Super (300cc version) and is therefore based on the technical and mechanical foundation of the most recent large and small frame Vespa scooters.

The name selected for this series is a fitting introduction to its décor, characterized by total black graphics. The “night-time” style pairs the beautiful new opaque black of the chassis with numerous glossy black details, including the mirrors, the ornaments of the classic “tie” on the front shield, the handlebar ends, the passenger handle and the extractable foot pegs of the GTS Super Notte.

Refined details include a saddle dedicated to each model and a plate with the logo placed on the rear shield. The rims and muffler guard are also glossy black.

2019 Vespa Notte Special Editions – Pricing and availability


Sprint 50cc Notte – Available in September, MSRP $4,149

Sprint 150cc Notte – Available in September, MSRP $5,649

GTS 300 Notte – Available in September, MSRP $7,149


Sprint 50cc Notte – Available in September, MSRP $4,545


Amerivespa 2019 will be in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.



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