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ODES ramps up with 4-year engine warranty

800, 1000 models get 48 months of coverage; heated seats also unveiled

An industry-leading four-year engine warranty on the 800 and 1000cc side-by-side models. Heated seats as standard equipment on all LCD touch-screen models. A free account for dealers on ATVTrader.com, managed by ODES. And plans for a $20 million assembly and parts manufacturing facility in North Texas slated to break ground at the beginning of 2018.

Those were just a few things we learned about the newly named ODES Industries (formerly ODES UTVS) during an exclusive tour of the company’s Dallas-based operations. Of course, some seat time aboard the Dominator X2 1000 side-by-side and Assailant ATV on a nearby off-road park were a welcome part of the journey, and offered an ideal way to make our debut ride aboard their machines.

ODES, which currently has a manufacturing plant in Shandong, China, recently signed a deal to build a new facility in 2018 in the south of China near Shanghai, since the majority of the company’s small parts suppliers are located in that region.

The 2018 ODES Dominator X2 1000, getting a workout in Dallas, is part of the lineup that gets a four-year engine warranty. Photo courtesy of ODES Industries

ODES also has expansion plans in the U.S. for 2018 to expand its assembly and USA parts manufacturing in North Texas in a four-phase project. The first phase is construction of a new $20 million facility slated to break ground at the beginning of 2018.

“Our product value, pricing, and service are unmatched, which has contributed to six years of straight growth. With the addition of new products and offerings, we are having to expand just to meet consumer demands,” said Mike Smith, president and CEO of
ODES Industries.

The 48-month engine warranty (24 months on the drive system) is certainly generating interest among dealers. The industry-first heated front seats as standard equipment on the LCD models provides heat to both the butt and back.

“The 48-month warranty was just a no-brainer. If you build a quality product then I think you should offer a quality warranty. We build our engines and trust our craftsmanship,” Smith said. “And the seats are just awesome. I don’t know why we were the first to offer this standard — who wants to ride frozen?”

ODES Industries president and CEO Mike Smith has guided the company to six consecutive years of growth. After a recent relocation from Riverside, California, to Dallas, ODES has plans to expand once again in North Texas. Photo by Dave McMahon/Powersports Business

ODES continues to partner with several high-profile suppliers, including windshield manufacturer National Cycle and Interstate Battery. Royal Purple fluids and CV-Tech Stage 4 belts are included in the 800 and 1000cc models. Also as a standard feature, the Special Edition models offer a patented Vi-Lock Long Travel Suspension System that has 14 inches of travel and over 12 inches of ground clearance. It was designed by California-based Desert Concepts.

“ODES is a top quality brand and we want to partner with other top quality brands. Royal Purple made a lot of sense,” Smith said. “We wanted top tier fluids in our vehicles, and they are the top name in the game. Royal Purple was looking to expand their new
off-road fluid lineup so the partnership made sense. Interstate also was a no-brainer. Best warranty, best quality and support — this matches ODES and was a perfect fit, plus the customers benefit greatly having better branded items with their UTV. Vendors have to share with the same vision and focus as ODES. Without this, the brands cannot support each other or be a great fit.”

The ODES Assailant 800 ATV will bring a $9,995 MSRP. Photo courtesy of ODES Industries

Another important standard feature is the Zeus Touch 7-inch LCD screen, a full-color touch screen that provides GPS mapping, trail tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, engine diagnostics, and the option to add audio with a Bluetooth sound bar. The Assailant Zeus model brings an entirely new experience to ATV riding that we’ve previously only experienced in side-by-sides.

Powder coating is available in multiple color options on the Dominator X SE models. In fact, that model offers 72 different customizations options, and includes a 3M graphics wrap. Powder coating is available in blue, white, red, green, orange and pink. Carbon fiber body color options are black, white and red.

Rides aboard the Dominator X2 Special Edition 1000 side-by-side and Assailant ATV allowed us to experience the plethora of available features, not to mention the confidence that comes with the four-year engine warranty. The 800cc class models put out 60 horsepower thanks to the ODES-built V-twin engine, and it’s cranked up to 86 horsepower for the 1000cc class machines.

The Dominator X2 and X4 units all feature a 7-inch touchscreen display, with standard GPS and Bluetooth accompanied by a 2-year replacement screen warranty and unlimited updates.

Heated seats — on both butt and back — are a first-of-its-kind standard feature on 2018 ODES UTVs. Photo by Dave McMahon/Powersports Business

ODES’ 2018 side-by-side MSRPs are as follows:

• Dominator X Special Edition 2 Door 800: $16,095
• Dominator X Special Edition 2 Door 1000: $17,295
• Dominator X Special Edition 4 Door 800: $17,595
• Dominator X Special Edition 4 Door 1000: $18,995
• Dominator X2 LT Zeus 800: $14,895
• Dominator X2 LT Zeus 1000: $16,495
• Dominator X4 LT Zeus 800: $16,395
• Dominator X4 LT Zeus 1000: $17,995
• Dominator X2 LT 800: $13,695
• Dominator X4 LT 800: $15,195
• Dominator X2 ST 800: $9,995
• Dominator X4 ST 800: $11,495
• Ravager LT Zeus 1000: $16,495

2018 ATV MSRP is as follows:

• Assailant Zeus 800: $9,995

While the side-by-side lineups come with some impressive standard features, Smith says there are plenty of aftermarket products for dealers to sell.

“The Two Brothers Exhaust systems are really hot items due to the power increase given to the unit,” Smith said. “Another hot item are the soft enclosures that are sold through Side By Side Enclosures. Although our UTVs come with a lot standard, you still potentially need a UTV cover, UTV enclosure, exhaust system, battery tender — the items that are very useful and beneficial to own with your ride. Over the next year ODES will be expanding to storage racks that would mount to the hood or roof, aftermarket race shocks, new ICE and Wetsounds media system that works with our touchscreen LCD. We try to add most of the accessories to the vehicle so people get a better value, but if 90 percent or more of our buyers cannot benefit from that accessory being standard, we will make it an aftermarket one.”

ODES buyers, Smith says, trend toward purchasing more practical products for their units.

“We focus on the helping with the day-to-day use of the UTV, which is the common buyer,” Smith said. “I think the market is moving to better accessories that would benefit hunters, families, the farmer — like storage, racking, lighting and so on. Similar to how Nissan took advantage of the dog lover and designed a dog-specific crossover SUV. People will buy it because it serves their practical daily needs.” 


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