Sea-Doo video salutes Army veteran turned racer

Sea-Doo published a video Saturday featuring Anthony Radetic, a paralyzed Army veteran who is now a pro Sea-Doo racer. The video, "One Fun Day — with Wounded Military Veteran and Sea-Doo X-TEAM Racer Anthony Radetic" has been viewed more than 147,000 times on Facebook and more than 900 times on YouTube.


The following information about the video was provided by Sea-Doo: 

Both Canada and the United States are enjoying significant holidays this week and we are sharing the spirit of "One Fun Day" of independence on the water. Independence is a strong work with deep and multiple meaning for different people. 
We are sharing our latest video of a person who represents this in multiple ways. 
Anthony Radetic is a challenged athlete. Radetic was an Army helicopter pilot and served many years at the yoke over foreign lands. Ironically he made it through hundreds of very dangerous situations, and when back stateside, he was riding his motorcycle when a motorist didn’t see him and struck him. Anthony is now 95% paralyzed. 
Anthony hasn’t let this life-changing accident slow him down, he is a top caliber challenged athlete snow skier and is racing a Sea-Doo amongst the pros – successfully. 
This is our latest video celebrating Anthony living One Fun Day with his family. He is in Sarasota, Florida this weekend racing with his family. 

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