Twisted Throttle joins anti-Black Friday movement

twisted-throttle-anti-black-friday-2Proclaiming “Black Friday Sucks,” Twisted Throttle just announced that it will be closed for the day on Friday, November 25, the day after Thanksgiving. While other large retailers are pushing sales earlier and earlier each year, even onto Thanksgiving Day, the staff at Twisted decided to take a stand.

“For years, retailers have been coercing people to forgo family and comfort in favor of shopping – the exact opposite of what Thanksgiving is about,” says Twisted Throttle’s marketing director Jessica Prokup. “By shutting down for the day, we’re encouraging our staff, customers, and community to spend Black Friday focusing on the people and experiences that matter to them. We think that’s a better way to spend a family holiday.”


The company posted a blog explaining the decision, including photos of what its staff plans to do that day. An email campaign and social media posts followed, with an immediate and overwhelmingly positive public response. One customer wrote, “This is the most responsible, ethical, moral, just plain right thing to do message I have ever received around the holidays. Thank you for being a role model in your industry.”


  1. Nice one, team Twisted! I will be enjoying my motorcycles tomorrow as well

  2. I have always closed my shop on statutory holidays. As Jessica says, holidays should always be for getting together with friends and family. We open 250 or more days a year; certainly everyone can get organised enough to buy their oil or gloves on the days we are open. It's the same reason i have always closed on Sundays; my staff work hard all week, and they need a day to get out with their friends and have some down time.

  3. That's great. This year, due to the fact that Christmas and New Years falls on a weekend, I gave my employees 11/23 off. Normally they get today off as well as Christmas Eve and Day and New Years Eve and Day, all as paid holidays. This year, I am giving them the Monday after both holiday weekends off as well as 11/23 to make up for it.
    Now one thing I will say is that my employees aren't exactly grateful. By law, I do not need to give them any of the holidays off this year nor comp time. I didn't even get a thank you and to top it off, I heard mutterings about them being entitled to the additional day off. You just cannot please anyone these days I guess.

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