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American Lifan launches King Power series

American Lifan utilized the American International Motorcycle Exposition (AIMExpo), the largest powersports tradeshow in the United States, as a platform to launch several new products for next year. American Lifan’s president and CEO, Tony Sun, said “AIMExpo was a huge success for us and the momentum we gained shows no sign of slowing down. Our 2017 lineup appears to be a huge hit with both consumers and dealers alike.”

The KP (King Power) series models appeared to be getting a lot of attention in the booth, and Sun stated: “Riders with a passion for racing will notice Lifan borrows heavily from our racing team which translates directly into unmatched performance in our classes.”

Over a month later, the effects of the record consumer crowd of over 12,000 who flooded the AIMExpo floor, are being felt from Orlando, Fla. to Ontario, Calif. According to Sun, Lifan’s biggest challenge is setting up dealers fast enough to keep up with the projected demand. With United States sales of motorcycles on the rise, and the demand for small displacement bikes higher than ever, Lifan appears to be entering the market with perfect timing.


Concern about Hurricane Mathew and its possible effects on attendance for AIMExpo was all but forgotten as the American Lifan booth filled up with consumers and dealers. Attendees immediately gravitated towards the flagship, proven track winner, championship bike, the KPR-200. Lifan’s premier model received positive feedback and showed that great things can come from small displacement bikes. Manufacturers have taken notice that the American buyer of motorcycles has changed in recent years and the small displacement market segment has seen significant growth. While other manufacturers are racing to make smaller bikes to fill gaps in their product line, Lifan has been producing millions of motorcycles at and below 250cc for years. Currently nothing matches the KPR-200 performance as it is the clear leader in this engine class. The competitive pricing and amazing styling of the KPR-200 drew the attention of AIMExpo attendees of all types. Beginner riders looking for something that is easy to handle, great looking, and will not break the bank, as well as women riders who loved the size and sleek styling. All agree the KPR-200 is tough to beat.


The KPR’s little brother, the 150cc KP Mini, also received a lot of fanfare. With the growing popularity of smaller pit bikes and mini motorcycles, consumers have been looking for an alternative to the relatively expensive models like the Honda Grom or Kawasaki z125. With a more powerful engine hitting a respectable 12.2hp, (verses less than 9hp for both the Grom and z125), and a much more affordable price tag, the KP Mini is sure to be a hit. Consumers praised its riding position and seat comfort, especially when compared to other bikes in its class. The KP-Mini is able to maintain an aggressive sporty look, and deliver on the performance riders are looking for in this class bike. The KP-Mini delivers over 30 percent more HP at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing quality.

CEO Sun said, “We are truly excited about bringing Lifan motorcycles & scooters into the American market again. We are currently working at a feverish pace to make certain that our infrastructure is ready to handle the demands of the American powersports dealer. We know this market is unlike any other in the world and we want this market to know we are not just another China manufacturer. We are Lifan.”


When asked if Lifan had plans on bringing other products to the U.S. market, Sun said, “Those who attended AIMExpo were able to see our LSV/NEV (Low Speed Vehicle / Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) which is in the final stages of design, and production begins soon. We feel very strongly that the US market is ready for the LSV/NEV market to explode as it has in China with over 1 million LSV/NEV type vehicles being sold just last year.”



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