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WPS to distribute Alpinestars product

WPS (Western Power Sports, Inc.) is pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with Alpinestars for distribution of motocross and off-road riding products in the United States.


Effective from November 2016, WPS will begin to distribute Alpinestars’ offroad and adventure boots, neck supports, knee braces, knee/shin/elbow guards, chest protectors and roost guards, protective undergarments, moto socks and a limited line of MX casualwear from its six regional warehouses strategically located throughout the United States.


To kick off the new agreement, on Friday, Oct. 28the WPS management team and sales rep force, along with staff from Alpinestars, took part in a ride day at the WPS test track located on-site at WPS headquarters in Boise, Idaho. The ride day enabled WPS sales reps and staff to use Alpinestars products in a real-world track-day scenario before attending product training the next day in downtown Boise. Alpinestars athletes Andrew Short, Justin Barcia, and Eli Tomac were on hand to support the event and talk shop with the WPS team.


Alpinestars has been the leading innovator of performance protection in motocross racing products since 1963 and early on Alpinestars pioneering boots caught the attention of motocross legend Roger Decoster who became one of Alpinestars’ first international athletes and a brand ambassador ever since.

From the outset, Alpinestars vision has been to continually research and develop innovative products that deliver new and higher levels performance and for over 50 years this approach has built a rich heritage in motocross racing, motorcycle road racing and further into all disciplines of motorsports from the Dakar to Formula 1.

Alpinestars has evolved into a globally recognized brand through its focus on continuous introduction of cutting-edge product technology, which has helped countless world champions past and present to achieve their goals and devoted customers the world over to enjoy their riding every day.


Craig Shoemaker, WPS president and CEO, commented: “We couldn’t be more proud to put together this new partnership with Alpinestars. With their long and storied history of producing premium products, as well as their passion and support of all things motorsports, we are honored to be the newest Alpinestars distributor. This brand fits perfectly into our long-term goal to offer our dealers the best product, service, and delivery in the powersports industry.”

Gabriele Mazzarolo, Alpinestars president and CEO, said: “Alpinestars has always been, at its core, a product innovation company. From the very beginning, with the first protective motocross boot to the current Tech 10, knee braces and advanced body protection for off-road riding, including the first fully independent airbag for motorcycle road riding and the most lightweight fireproof material for Formula 1, as just a few examples, we have always concentrated on developing the most advanced products for our Athletes to win Championships and our audience to enjoy their activities in motorsports. Distribution is essential to bring the benefits of all this innovation to our customers and we are happy to announce the start of the cooperation with WPS; enlarging our distribution across the US market.”



Alpinestars products will begin shipping to WPS dealers through WPS’ six regional warehouses beginning in November. For information about WPS and its growing list of brands and product offerings, visit them online at,

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