Multi-dealership group shuts down

American Heritage Motorcycles (AHM), a five-dealership group that launched in 2014, announced via email to its customers Monday that it is closing all of its stores.

AHM was started by Dan Finkelman from Columbus, Ohio; Rob McNish from New York; husband and wife Celia Sinclair and Jeff Sinclair, both from Cleveland; and Terry Sullivan, also from Cleveland. The five owners had a combined 65 years of management consulting, including working with Polaris, before opening their first dealership, AHM Chicago West, in South Elgin, Illinois.

American Heritage Motorcycles, LLC owners (from left) Celia and Jeff Sinclair, Dan Finkelman and Rob McNish are joined in their latest venture by Terry Sullivan (not pictured). AHM has been approved by Polaris to open 15 Indian/Victory dealerships.

As of the closing, AHM had five dealerships — two in Illinois and three in Ohio. They were: AHM Chicago West in South Elgin, Ill.; AHM Crossroads in Highland Park, Ill.; AHM North Coast in Willoughby Hills, Ohio; AHM Cincinnati in Loveland, Ohio; and AHM Burning River in Sheffield Village, Ohio. All five locations carried Indian and Victory motorcycles. Four of the locations carried Slingshot, and two stocked Polaris off-road vehicles.

PSB editor in chief Dave McMahon visited AHM Chicago West when it opened. You can read that 2014 article by clicking here.

AHM sent this email to its customers Monday afternoon:

We regret to inform you that American Heritage Motorcycles is closing its stores. We are working closely with Indian, Victory, Slingshot and Polaris to introduce our customers to dealers who can fulfill all their needs. In the meantime, we are working with several potential buyers, who have stepped forward expressing an interest in acquiring the franchises we own. We are working diligently and expediently with these parties to determine if we can make this happen.

If you have pending business with American Heritage Motorcycles such as a vehicle in service, parts on order, vehicles on order, or open paperwork (proof of income or other documentation related to vehicle purchases), please contact us by email no later than 5:00 PM Sept. 30th, 2016 at to conclude any business.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served you, and we know that our shared passion for these great Polaris products will be rewarded long into the future.



  1. This closing comes as no surprise to me. Multiple staff changes, almost empty showroom, and failure to respond to customer communication are symptoms of a lack of leadership and management involvement. Long ago I recommended another Polaris dealer from Northeast Ohio to Polaris for the Indian franchise, but evidently that request and franchise requests from sasid dealer fell on deaf ears. Now we are left without a dealer and without a IMRG sponsor, not to mention a service and parts facility. Evidently Polaris was enamored of a new group with a flashy presentation instead of proven motorcycle professionals. This one falls squarely on Polaris as well as the owners of AHM.

  2. I'm not surprised either, AHM'was the only game in town or would have bought some ware else, total used car salesman approach. I'm hoping Randy's offers the Indian lineup

  3. If there are any good Polaris Technicians that want to come to Alaska and work in a well established dealership, we have an opening and can assist with housing/moving cost if you are a good technician with experience. Send an email if you fit this description.

  4. Polaris marketing and merchandise is terrible, but the motorcycles are very nice. Every Harley owner owes Polaris a thank you as Harley has improved their product due to increased competition. Polaris needs to hire someone who know how to market and sell these beautiful bike or they risk becoming Victory all over again.

  5. The problem is that they clearly didn't know the business. They promoted sales people into management positions that had no experience or actual knowledge of the industry and they failed to listen to anyone that did. They had money and connections but no experience. Akin to someone thinking that they can open a bar or even bartend because they drink. A little more involved....

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