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Timbersled reveals 2016 lineup

Four new bike conversion systems available at more than 200 dealerships

Timbersled Products, Inc., a division of Polaris Industries Inc. and makers of the world’s most popular snow biking — or “Timbersledding” — products, announced that its innovative 2016 lineup of four new Timbersled snow bike conversion systems are available now at nearly 200 Timbersled dealerships across the U.S. and Canada.

A Timbersled system consists of proven, reliable components that transform a dirt bike into a snow bike that can effortlessly be ridden through deep powder snow, up and down mountains, across snow-covered meadows, through ravines and more. A Timbersled system includes a front ski, a rear suspension and a track that fits most dirt bikes and can be installed or removed in less than three hours, making it easy for dirt bike owners to enjoy thrilling off-road riding year-round.

The sport of Timbersledding combines the most adrenaline-pumping elements of snowmobiling and dirt biking into winter’s fastest-growing, most exciting new sport. Timbersledding lets a dirt bike rider go “From dirt to snow, and back again.” It also delivers the enjoyment of snowmobiling with the familiar ride of a dirt bike, on an incredibly maneuverable vehicle that takes a rider “Anywhere You Want to Go.”

“It’s exciting for us to announce the North American availability of our industry-leading 2016 family of Timbersleds just as riders across the country gear up for a new snow season,” said Chris Wolf, Polaris vice president – Snowmobiles. “The sport of Timbersledding is growing rapidly as riders discover the unique fun this style of riding offers, and as a result, retail sales of Timbersled conversion systems continue to accelerate every year.”

Polaris Industries acquired Timbersled in April 2015. Wolf continued, “The companies’ combined resources will be used to advance the Timbersled product line and expand the sport of Timbersledding.”

The Polaris and Timbersled teams are jointly focused on enhancing the engineering, innovation, manufacturing and distribution of the Timbersled products, which will fuel the increasing popularity of this exhilarating, fast-growing sport.

Timbersled Products will retail for between $5,300 and $6,500 at more than 200 dealerships in the U.S. and Canada.
Timbersled Products will retail for between $5,300 and $6,500 at more than 200 dealerships in the U.S. and Canada.

2016 Timbersled Lineup:


Timbersled Short Track [ST] Conversion Kit ($5,300)

The ST kit is perfect for most riders, a true jack-of-all-trades kit. It works well with 250F 4-strokes, 250cc or 300cc 2-strokes and big HP turbo bikes. It is extremely impressive on a deep powder day and handles hard pack or firm snow like a champ.

Timbersled Long Track [LT] Conversion Kit ($6,000)

The LT is for the rider focused on riding in waist-deep snow at every opportunity. Whether you’re a fast rider or a beginner, the LT delivers pure confidence on snow. Plus, like the ST, the LT works extremely well in a wide variety of snow conditions. The LT is also recommended for riders weighing more than 220 pounds, so they can enjoy its enhanced floatation and traction.


Timbersled Snow Cross SX120 ($5,800) and SX137 ($6,500) Conversion Kits

Originally developed as purpose-built race machines, the Snow Cross (SX) kits deliver great riding in the steep and deep and on the trails. SX kits create the most responsive, longest-travel Timbersleds on the snow. SX kits use a 2-inch narrower track and chassis than the ST or LT kits, along with a high-performance, race-ready frame and suspension geometries.


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