Helmet manufacturer launches race sponsor program

News release

NiTEK Helmets is proud to announce the largest helmet race support program in the US for 2016. NiTEK will sponsor 400 professional and amateur riders in Nitek P1 and Nitek Interceptor helmets for the 2016 racing season.

NiTEK Helmets will offer 100 free helmets to select riders, teams and track day organizations. Another 300 helmets will be offered through a manufacturer-subsidized rider purchase program allowing for a low cost of entry into a premium racing helmet. Both of these programs will be managed through SpeedMob Racing, the racing support program of their exclusive US distributor, SpeedMob Inc.

SpeedMob Racing is the official race support program for SpeedMob Inc.’s various racing brands and it offers rider and team support on the majority of its distributed products, such as Arrow Exhaust, Dion Device, BMC Air Filters, SBS Brake Pads and much more.

Tim Calhoun, president of SpeedMob, states: “SpeedMob works hand-in-hand with racers, teams and most importantly our dealer network to provide a comprehensive program supporting both amateur and professional racers. SpeedMob Racing's NiTEK helmet program is going to be hugely impactful in building the NiTEK name in the US to a level on par with that of NiTEK’s presence in the European Market. Our goal is to introduce top professional and club riders to our brand.”


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