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North America sales drop 24 percent in April for Euro brand

Sales in North America of BMW motorcycles in April decreased 24.2 percent, to 1,689 motorcycles compared to the 2,229 sold in April 2014.

Year-to-date through April, sales of BMW in North America are down 10 percent to 4,787 motorcycles, compared to the 5,320 bikes that were sold in North America during the same time period in 2014.

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  1. BMW was taking the Lexis plan to introduce their sport bikes to the general public. Introduce a high feature, high value, high horsepower motorcycle at a very reasonable price to get the general public (sport bike rider) to pick their bike over the known/previously owned brands. Than bring the price up to where it should be while only introducing new features to the same bike little by little every year.
    Now that the price is up $15900.00 and cost of a full featured model over $20k (way up) from its original average sale price of $13499.00 and the price of maintenance is well known, those customers are flowing back the brands that have carried the sport bike industry for the last 40 years. Different form Lexis that created a direct competitor to the euro brands and kept the value for the price very high and quality and low cost of maintenance and ownership a priority. Lexis took customers from all types of drivers and car owners. BMW is failing to bring new buyers in. They are returning to the “snobbish” reputation they had 5-10 years ago. Sales are dropping and their ownership diversity is also dropping. A change in marketing, and direction is needed!

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