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OEM hires new PR manager

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Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., (SMAI) announced [Tuesday] that Tim Olson has joined the company as Public Relations Manager. Olson brings 20 years of diversified experience to SMAI. The 40-year-old motorcycle enthusiast spent 11 years as a journalist covering motocross and off-road motorcycles, and he served in corporate PR for eight years within our industry. Most recently Olson worked in corporate communications outside the motorcycle industry.


“I quickly realized how much I love motorcycles and this industry,” said Olson about his short stint away from a career in motorcycles. “I’m excited to lead the charge at Suzuki with the company’s exciting new products and continuing growth.” As Public Relations Manager, Olson will work closely with the motorcycle press corps and will plan new product introductions across Suzuki’s motorcycle, scooter and ATV segments.

“We’re thrilled to bring Tim on to the Suzuki team,” said Steve Bortolamedi, SMAI’s Communications Manager. “With his experience and enthusiasm, Tim will surely get traction quickly and help Suzuki gain exposure in the market.”

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  1. Right on Suzuki… ! This brand is a strong player when it comes to
    performance and imagination. Sizzle has built this industry and
    Suzuki has a great record when it comes to being a strong
    player in that department!

    Everett Powersports

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