Steve Lemco pens training and hiring book

Steve LemcoIndustry consultant and Powersports Business blogger Steve Lemco has written a new book titled “Training and Hiring New Salespeople.”

Following the success of his last book, “Motorcycle Sales Made Easy,” Lemco decided to write another, sharing his interview, training and hiring process that has been used by a variety of dealerships for more than 30 years. The book outlines Lemco’s step-by-step method of hiring, including phone and in-person interviews and the three-day training process that’s required before candidates are hired. Also included in the book is Lemco’s help wanted ad that typically generates more than 100 calls from potential hires.

“There is no way around it,” Lemco said. “To do the job right takes the proper amount of time. In the end the rewards can be amazing. With three days of training and role-playing, the new salespeople are so much more confident. Many times my new salespeople beat the old ones the first month.”

Lemco has been in the industry since 1972, when he began selling Suzuki motorcycles for his brother Ed Lemco. Steve Lemco then became one of the 20 Group sales trainers at Ed Lemco & Associates. Since then, Steve Lemco has become a consultant, training in dealerships across the world.

“Training and Hiring New Salespeople" is available on

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