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Helmet pricetag that sells most? Under $200

ADP Lightspeed data uncovers helmet retail trends

Nearly 80 percent of all helmets sold at just shy of 1,600 North American dealerships retail for less than $200, according to data provided to Powersports Business exclusively from ADP Lightspeed analyst Hal Ethington.

Data from the study was taken from 1,264 metric dealers in the U.S., 216 V-twin dealers in the U.S., and 113 Canadian dealers. Data was based on helmet sales from September 2012-September 2013 from dealers who used ADP Lightspeed’s DMS.

The helmet study shows helmets priced $50-$200 account for 78 percent of all sales. Helmets priced over $500 produce 2 percent of sales.

Here are some other findings:

• Harley-Davidson supplies 80 percent of helmet sales at Harley-Davidson dealerships. The average sale price was $135.

• Forty percent of all helmet sales occur from April-July. December accounts for 8 percent of sales.

• Helmet House is the largest supplier of helmets in the metric market, with 29 percent of all unit sales. The average sale price for all helmets sold at 1,264 metric dealerships was $143. Tucker Rocky Distributing took second for helmet sales at 15 percent, with Sullivans and WPS both at 11 percent. Parts Unlimited (10 percent), Fox Racing (7), Castle Sales (4), Scorpion Sports (3), Fulmer (2), Ducati (2) and Vega (1) also took part of the market share.

• In Canada, Parts Canada (28 percent), Motovan Motorsports (24) and Gamma Sales (20) supplied 72 percent of all Canadian helmet unit sales. The average selling price for all helmets in Canada was $152 Canadian dollars.

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