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PSI gets gift of 14 units from Kawasaki

On the heels of PSI attending the recent Kawasaki dealer meeting in San Diego, Kawasaki Motor Corp, USA has donated a range of street bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs and Jet Skis to further develop technician training.

PowerSport Institute’s K-Tech Professional course, officially endorsed and supported by Kawasaki, has received 14 units to enhance the training efforts of PSI to support Kawasaki dealers with technicians.

“This popular course at PSI just keeps getting better. Kawasaki has supported excellence in education at PSI for many years. They have given back to this industry over and over again by assisting with our students’ training efforts to become a value immediately to Kawasaki dealerships,” PSI campus director Bernie Thompson said.

In 2008, PSI became Kawasaki’s Manufacturer Dealer Training Center, which trains Kawasaki dealer technicians on the latest model technology. PSI leverages the dealer training information to enhance its Power Sport Technician program, so that students graduating are provided the latest information on service techniques.

“We love having Kawasaki on our campus. It’s great to work in partnership with the expert educators Kawasaki sends to our campus,” Thompson said. “While they are here on campus they evaluate our course and provide valuable suggestions to enhance our students experiences.”




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