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Norton Motorcycles delivered in Canada, coming to U.S. soon

Norton Motorcycles have made their way into Canada, and they are set to be heading for the U.S. soon.

As the first delivery of the Norton Commando bikes were made in Canada last week, Norton Canada organized a black tie event hosted by the British Consul General Jonathan Dart at his official residence in Toronto. Along with Norton enthusiasts, in attendance were the Hon. Lisa Raitt, minister of transportation for the Canadian Government; Stuart Garner, Norton Motorcycles CEO; Joe Adams, international dealer manager for Norton Motorcycles; Peter Howes, president of Norton Canada; and Jim Brown, who organized the event.

Following his Canadian trip, Garner met with Dan Van Epps, CEO of Norton America, in central New York. The two discussed the upcoming delivery of the Norton Commando in the U.S. Final specifications and model details were hashed out in preparation for the October production of U.S. Commando 961 models. Those will be some of the first motorcycles produced out of Norton’s new Hastings House manufacturing facility, which the company moved into in September. The U.S. models will include many product, material and engineering changes to ensure a robust, reliable bike that delivers the true British Roadster experience.

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