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Husqvarna introduces first new generation bike

Husqvarna has taken the wraps off its first motorcycle produced since the brand’s acquisition by Pierer Industries AG, a company owned by KTM CEO Stefan Pierer.

The Factory Racing edition TC300 two-stroke was shown at Motocross of Nations in Teutschenthal, Germany.

The bike, which is available to riders competing in the newly formed European Motocross 300cc two-stroke championship, was a brand new TC250 upgraded to a 300cc. The Factory Racing bike’s upgrades include a Carbon Fiber rear subframe, a full Akrapovic exhaust system, CNC machined hubs and triple clamps and WP suspension. It’s decorated with Husqvarna Factory Racing Graphics. The upgrade accessories will soon be available from the Husky Power range of parts.

Husqvarna will actively support the European Motocross 300cc two-stroke championship. The company is committed to two-stroke power, which it says provides great acceleration, easily achievable power and capacity increases, ease of maintenance and compact design.

“Husqvarna is promoting and supporting the new European 300cc two-stroke championship because we think it will be a great class for talented, young, racers,” said Pit Beirer, head of motorsport for Husqvarna. “It offers the right balance between great racing and costs. At present we are not involved in the European championship with a direct Factory team, but we are in contact with many riders, through our subsidiaries, and we’ve had a great number of requests regarding our two-stroke bikes for this new championship. In the near future you will see many of our two-stroke bikes competing in not only this exciting, new championship but at race tracks all over the world.”

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  1. I think opening up the 300 CC Class up to 360 CC’s would get a lot more participation. For example, some manufacturers have 350 CC four-strokes, but come on give them a chance to ride what they want. We could go on about rules, the AMA, that dead horse has been flogged so many times that is all we’ll say about the AMA here. Rider’s Race bikes they like and anyone who has ridden a 300 cc to say 430 cc 2-Stroke know’s they are a sweet ride.
    Power is manageable and they are light and flickable. I think this class has a great chance of making a real impact on the Fun Factor in MX. Good job Europe, as usual!!!

    Give it a few years of success, hopefully, we’ll have that class in SX and outdoors in the US.

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