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Motorcycle Black Book values up slightly

Valuations for motorcycles and PWC are up slightly in May, Black Book’s Managing Editor Ricky Beggs reports.

The cruiser and off-road segments both reported the highest increases among motorcycles, each up 0.9 percent. On/off-road bikes followed with a 0.8 percent increase, while the scooter segment reported a 0.7 percent hike. Street bikes were up half a percent. UTVs were also up half a percent, though ATVs were down 1.4 percent.

Personal watercraft and jet boats each increased 1 percent. Beggs reported that the increases in those segments are not surprising but are unusually low.

“The segment average is up by 1 percent, but the older models are up a little more at around 2 percent. These older units, which have lower prices to begin with, show higher percentage changes, but the actual dollar amounts involved are relatively small, leaving the overall segment change at an even 1 percent,” he said.

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