Cardo community connects online

scala rider G9 users can search for friends, plan meet-ups

Cardo Systems, the pioneer and global market leader in motorcycle communications, announced a new free service called the cardo community to complement its scala rider G9 motorcycle communication systems. Now motorcyclists who enjoy riding with their friends can also enhance their social experience online and do much much more by visiting and clicking on the cardo community.

The award-winning G9 is a revolutionary system that easily connects to virtually all motorcycle helmets to allow users to communicate in a natural manner. Equipped with high-quality speakers, it lets motorcyclists keep their hands on the handlebars as they control many functions by voice. The G9 is also unique in enabling full duplex natural conferencing to up to two other motorcyclists on a total of three bikes or among two couples riding on two motorcycles. In addition, the industry-leading G9 is perfect for motorcycle clubs because it breaks communication barriers by letting a user toggle to up to eight other riders. These are only a few of the outstanding features and benefits pioneered by the G9 from the company that has brought motorcyclists virtually all of the significant advances in motorcycle communications.

“With the launch of the cardo community we are encouraging our motorcyclist users to build a thriving social network of other enthusiasts,” said Cardo’s CEO Abraham Glezerman. “Our versatile scala rider G9 can be customized through the community, allowing users to change languages, voice activation controls and other settings. They can also build lists of friends, and search for others in the community in order to organize group rides. Motorcycling has always been its own community, and we are looking to expand this sense of belonging to the virtual world, while we encourage real-world friendships and connections. ”

But there is even more. Owning a G9 makes riders part of the cardo community.

Once users have registered and chosen a nickname or a real name for themselves, a host of unique community benefits become available. They can customize the features of their communication device and preset FM radio stations and re-tune their radio; update software; change settings for Voice Activation Sensitivity; Voice activation Operation Mode; Sensitivity of Automatic Gain Control; Spoken status announcements; Programming a Hot-Dial Number; Change languages.

Users can also create a list of friends, search for friends by their user names, create a tour and invite their friends, publish tours to invite others and join tours online.

There are many additional benefits to joining the cardo community, including access to video tutorials, user manuals, read more about recent software releases and even ask for Cardo Customer support.


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