Sturgis Rally donates $50,000 to charity

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc. has donated $50,000 to the Sturgis Rally Charities Foundation. The donation was made possible by funds gathered from licensing agreements that the Rally organization manages for the Sturgis brand.

"We worked hard to make sure we were able to make these funds available in time for the holiday season," said Kathy Hersrud, president of Sturgis Rally Charities Foundation. "The beneficiary organizations and the clientele they serve are then able to use this funding to support programs they oversee as the year ends, or to devote them to 2013 programs."

On Dec. 13, the foundation distributed the $50,000, plus an additional $21,850 donated from other local sources, to 45 different charities in the Sturgis and Black Hills area.

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