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PRP gets a seat in local bank’s lobby

When customers walked into a Temecula, Calif., branch of US Bank this summer, they found a bit of a surprise. As they went to deposit their checks, a Polaris Ranger RZR was staring them down. It might have look a little out of place, but it was all part of a month-long promotion between the bank and PRP Seats.

PRP Seats, which works mainly with dealers across the western United States, but also has products in dealerships in Canada and Australia, is based in Murrieta, Calif. The company manufactures custom-made seats for off-road vehicles, in addition to a wide array of accessories.

The Temecula US Bank branch offers all of its customers with business accounts one month to promote anything they’d like at no cost to the customer. Whatever the customer wanted to bring in was fine with the bank.

With that in mind, PRP went all out, bringing in the Polaris Ranger RZR and a whole host of other items.

According to Jason Hayden, who handles sales for PRP, the RZR in the bank was fitted with PRP’s seats, harnesses, doors and roof to give customers an idea of the full range of products PRP provides.

Customers could take a seat in the vehicle and get an up-close look for themselves. Since it was fitted with many of PRP’s products, it gave prospective customers a good idea of what they can expect from the company.

“We had a couple of customers come in [to PRP’s shop looking to try out a seat], and we sent them down to US Bank and they checked it out there,” Hayden said.

It might have been an unconventional location for a powersports company to advertise, but Hayden was happy to find a new way to engage with the community.

“We’re a local company,” he said. “This company started in 1997 [under different ownership] and it’s stayed here. It’s been here. We try to let everyone know that we can that we’re in town.”

PRP Seats has never done anything quite like this, according to Hayden, but the company is often out at the major events to promote itself and engage with current and prospective customers.

“We try to hit up as many shows as we can especially on the west coast,” Hayden said. “At all the major shows we’re always doing vendor support.”

As part of a promotion with a local bank, PRP Seats showed off its lineup off products.

While seats are PRP’s signature item, the company provides a wide array of accessories from doors to roofs to lights to steering wheels to bags. PRP has even designed its own diaper bag. Yes, a diaper bag, which was actually one of the items on display at US Bank.


According to PRP’s description, the diaper bag is “manned up” with a seat belt strap and racing-style latch. It comes in blue and red.

PRP’s line of seats is also vast, fitting a wide variety of vehicles and brands. From dune buggies to Jeeps, 4x4s and UTVs, PRP has it covered.

Purchased by the Wedeking family in 2001, PRP Seats is family owned and operated. The focus of the company has been to build high quality, suspension seats for off-road enthusiasts, while providing excellent customer service.

With the unique new promotion at US Bank, perhaps the company opened a few bank customers’ eyes to the recreation a UTV can provide.

The promotion also allowed PRP to promote some of its dealer partners as well, since there are a few local dealerships not far from the bank.

Unconventional or not, PRP Seats, through a great offer from its bank, had the opportunity to reach a wide array of people — with money — who might not have known about the company before.


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