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Yamaha unveils 2013 WaveRunner lineup

Yamaha WaterCraft Group introduced its 2013 line of WaveRunner personal watercraft highlighted by the return of the industry’s luxury flagship line, the FX Series; and the industry’s best-selling models ever, the Yamaha VX Series.

“Yamaha WaveRunners dominate virtually every segment of the personal watercraft industry,” said Bryan Seti, Yamaha’s national marketing manager. “We’ve focused on innovation and luxury to propel the FX Series to the top of the luxury performance segment. Our VX Series offers the reliability, performance and value that entry level buyers demand. And our performance models have demonstrated their leadership on the racecourse with multiple national and world titles. This is an exciting lineup for Yamaha and one that offers a model we know connects with every type of consumer.”

Here’s how a Yamaha news release describes the new models:

Led by the flagship FX Cruiser SHO, the industry’s best-selling luxury-performance model ever, the FX line delivers the utmost comfort, convenience, storage capacity, towing ability, and unadulterated fun. The FX Series includes the FX Cruiser SHO, FX SHO, FX Cruiser HO and FX HO.

FX Series highlights:

  • New metallic colors and graphics
  • “Theater” seating for cruiser models; the first true three-passenger seat on a PWC with hip support for the driver and each passenger
  • Fast-acting mechanical neutral for starting in place
  • The largest displacement engine on the market
  • “Command link” instrumentation buttons on dash
  • Fast access stern storage area for wet items and tow accessories
  • Extra large stern reboarding area
  • NanoXcel hull and deck

“There is not another watercraft in the industry that is as in tune with today’s luxury performance buyer as the Yamaha FX Series,” said Scott Watkins, Yamaha’s product manager. “Not only does this series feature the largest displacement engine in the industry, but it is packed with the latest innovations and technology. From Cruise Assist to Neutral Gear to the theater-style seating, the FX Series offers consumers a fun, fast, comfortable ride with amenities and features that exceed what they thought was possible in a personal watercraft.”

Joining the FX line are Yamaha’s signature VX Series WaveRunners, which are the most affordable, reliable and fuel-efficient watercraft on the market today, according to Yamaha. The VX Series remains the watercraft of choice for value minded buyers and rental operators alike.


VX Series Highlights:

  • Topped the sales chart in 2012 for the eighth consecutive year
  • New metallic paint colors and graphics
  • Offers the best fuel economy of any three-person personal watercraft in the industry
  • The No. 1 choice of rental operators due to its reputation for reliability and low maintenance

The VX Performance Series returns with Yamaha’s VXR and VXS that feature all new colors and graphics as well. These models offer the performance of the world’s fastest supercharged models without the added cost of a supercharger and intercooler.

VX Performance Series Highlights:

  • The most affordable high-performance model in the industry
  • New colors and graphics for 2013
  • The largest displacement engine in its category
  • Dominating the Normally Aspirated class on the 2012 IJSBA national tour
  • Class-leading acceleration and top speed out of the box supported by a wide selection of aftermarket products for racing enthusiasts

Also returning is Yamaha’s FZ Series, the epitome of high performance and Yamaha’s racing heritage. The two-person FZR and three-person FZS feature Yamaha’s 1.8L Supercharged engine, the largest displacement engine in the industry, along with Yamaha’s exclusive NanoXcel hull and decks, which are engineered using nanotechnology to be light, strong and nimble.

FZ Series Highlights:

  • Industry-leading acceleration and top speed out of the box supported by a wide selection of aftermarket products for racing enthusiasts
  • The largest displacement engine in the market
  • Industry’s only race-ready nano-engineered hulls and decks
  • Dominating the Pro Open class on the 2012 IJSBA national tour
  • Premium sport bolstered seat for the FZR

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