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The golden opportunity

The point of a new unit sale is the golden opportunity for the sale of accessories and add-ons. This is your opportunity to talk in terms of ten or twenty dollars a month added to the payments instead of hundreds or thousands out of pocket at one time. A little planning can make this easier and smoother for both the salesperson and the customer.

We have all been conditioned to the “package deal.” How much easier is it in a fast food restaurant during a busy lunch rush to just order a combo #1 and be on your way? This same thinking can make it easier for you to sell packages to your new unit customers — all it takes is a little time up front with the sales, parts and service managers.

The customer buying a new UTV, for example, may have the chance to decide on a good/better/best package for LED lighting, audio, and wheels/tires. Being able to choose between three pre-priced options makes things easier for your sales staff and your customer. It can get hectic on the sales floor on a busy Saturday and this will help your sales people to avoid having to spend valuable time running from the customer, to parts, and to service getting all of the numbers together — or even worse skipping over accessories altogether in order to move on to the next customer in the showroom looking at a new unit.

The customer buying a new street bike can be offered several apparel packages that have been pre-selected and priced. Usually a helmet is sold with a new unit, but this strategy can do wonders for your sales of jackets, gloves, boots and pants that may get overlooked on a busy sales day. Tank bags, luggage and other accessories can be selected, priced, and displayed in the same good/better/best arrangement. A “new bike” package can be put together with a stand, battery tender, and a mix of handy items for the new rider.

Motocross bikes offer a great opportunity for apparel and any number of items that your staff have found to be helpful for a new rider and put into handy packages as well. ATV’s can be accessorized with racks, winches, and wheel/tire packages.

You may find it helpful to put together the best selling items into packages and put them on a checklist for the salesperson to go through with each customer based on the type of vehicle they are purchasing. This should be a quick and easy way to offer these items to the customer in a comfortable manner and based on a dollar per month format. It is also a great way to make sure that all of these accessories are being offered to each customer before they finalize their purchase.

With a little planning between the departments, adding accessories on at the time of a new unit sale can be a quick, easy, and painless process for both the customer and the salesperson — and more profitable for the dealership.

Scott Hochmuth is the owner of Real Performance Marketing, an Atlanta-based company representing ten different Powersports related product lines in the Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee areas. He comes face-to-face with over 200 dealers every 8 weeks. He has been in sales since 1982 and started in the powersports industry in 1989 as a sales representative for a helmet manufacturer.


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