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Snowmobile races cancelled due to lack of water

For many regions across the U.S. it’s been hot and dry so far this summer. As a result of the drought, the annual Celebrate Blackfoot snowmobile water cross races have been called off due to a lack of water surface to race on.

According to the Bingham News Chronicle, “Reasoning behind the shortage of water can be contributed to the dryer-than-normal winter that plagued most of Idaho. The Snake River Plains remain in the “Abnormally Dry” category established by the National Weather Service while other parts of the Snake River Valley are listed as being in a “Moderate Drought.” Other areas in the state are worse off, seeing “Severe Drought” and “Extreme Drought” rankings from the National Weather Service.”

The snowmobile races typically draw crowds from all over the valley with competitors traveling from across the western U.S. to skim their machines across the water faster than the person lined up next to them.

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