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The United States Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA) has announced the official addition of KTM North America, Inc., as a Motorcycle Partner for 2021.

With its passion for racing development and youth activation events through its KTM JUNIOR RACING Program, Orange Brigade Team and RC Cup initiatives from the past and current, KTM is excited to partner with the USMCA to push coaching to the broader riding community.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with the USMCA and understand the importance of providing the next generation of riders with a well-structured platform that emphasizes coaching uniformity,” said KTM President John Hinz in the announcement. “Not only is the USMCA creating space for new riders, but establishing the foundation and fundamentals needed for riders to enjoy a lifetime of motorcycle riding and racing.”

“We are excited for KTM to join the USMCA,” said USMCA President Christy LaCurelle. “They have been ahead of the game in activation at live events and within the motorcycle community for some time. We are encouraged by their continued efforts to push the message to help find a coach to their current and potential riders. They have already been utilizing USMCA coaches in their programs for four years and we are happy to make them an official partner for 2021.”

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