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Harley-Davidson not seeking input from dealers on new CEO: analyst

Chairman and acting CEO Jochem Zeitz presided over his first Harley-Davidson earnings call earlier this week as the company revealed its Q1 performance.

Wells Fargo Securities analyst Tim Conder provided a CEO Update in a research note provided to Powersports Business.

Conder reports: “It is unclear if acting CEO Jochen Zeitz is considering or being considered for the permanent CEO position. In our view, he at least seems to be a candidate as he has long tenure with the Board and is already putting in place a strategic shift for the company. However, investors may prefer an outsider. One thing that concerned us on the Q120 call was that the company stated it is not soliciting input about the CEO position from key dealers. This would seem valuable insight from those with a mutually beneficial holistic view of their business and HOG corporate.”

— Dave McMahon, editor

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  1. This is sad. They are the 4th HD store to close this week by my reckoning. What’s going on here?

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