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Beaudoin retires as Chairman Emeritus of Bombardier

Bombardier announced today that all candidates in the Management Proxy Circular dated March 5, 2018 were elected as directors of Bombardier Inc. during its annual meeting of shareholders, which was held in Montreal. The detailed results of the ballot for the election of directors are below.

Election of Directors

Following a vote, each of the following 14 candidates proposed by management was elected a director of Bombardier:

Candidates Votes for % for Abstentions % of abstentions
Pierre Beaudoin 3,480,057,215 96.34% 132,395,073 3.66%
Alain Bellemare 3,564,605,604 98.68% 47,853,068 1.32%
Joanne Bissonnette 3,496,743,978 96.80% 115,714,684 3.20%
J. R. André Bombardier 3,492,357,288 96.68% 120,089,519 3.32%
Martha Finn Brooks 3,576,525,315 99.01% 35,933,347 0.99%
Jean-Louis Fontaine 3,494,288,435 96.73% 118,169,787 3.27%
Diane Giard 3,598,065,524 99.60% 14,393,148 0.40%
August W. Henningsen 3,576,108,245 98.99% 36,350,427 1.01%
Pierre Marcouiller 3,579,687,088 99.09% 32,771,584 0.91%
Douglas R. Oberhelman 3,595,711,727 99.54% 16,746,945 0.46%
Vikram Pandit (Lead Director) 3,559,473,512 98.53% 52,985,160 1.47%
Carlos E. Represas 3,537,405,100 97.92% 75,053,572 2.08%
Antony N. Tyler 3,588,620,319 99.34% 23,838,343 0.66%
Beatrice Weder di Mauro 3,588,462,865 99.34% 23,995,807 0.66%

Laurent Beaudoin retires after 55 years at Bombardier

Last week also marked the retirement of Bombardier’s Chairman Emeritus, Laurent Beaudoin, who decided not to seek reelection on the Board. Mr. Beaudoin had joined the Company in 1963, when Bombardier was a snowmobile manufacturer based in Valcourt, Québec. Under his leadership as President and Chief Executive Officer, and later as Chairman, Bombardier went public and diversified into the rail and aerospace industries to become a global mobility leader.

“Laurent Beaudoin’s exceptional contribution is a source of inspiration and pride for all of us at Bombardier. To see a local champion becoming a global powerhouse, with a presence in more than 100 countries around the world, is truly remarkable,” said Alain Bellemare, president and chief executive officer, Bombardier Inc. “Bombardier, Québec and Canada are recognized globally as leaders in rail and aerospace today thanks to his vision, audacity and leadership.”

During Mr. Beaudoin’s tenure, the Company achieved incredible milestones, including the 1974 Montreal Metro contract; the 1982 New York City subway contract, dubbed the “contract of the century”; the launch of the Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) program in 1989, which has gone on to become the world’s most successful regional aircraft program; and the launch of the Global Express family of aircraft in 1993. Through the acquisition of companies like ANF-Industrie, Canadair, Short Brothers, Learjet, AdTranz and de Havilland, Mr. Beaudoin secured Bombardier’s place as the world’s leading manufacturer of rail transportation equipment and civil aircraft. Largely recognized as one of the best in the world, Bombardier’s vast product portfolio is a testament to Mr. Beaudoin’s legacy.

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