Dainese receives design award for Pro-Armor protection system

On Dec. 1, Italy’s ADI [Association for Industrial Design] has awarded the prestigious Compasso d’Oro to the Dainese Pro-Armor system for the quality of the technical and stylistic solutions adopted and for the structure, which was inspired by the fractal geometry of the family of protective products developed by Dainese to protect the back, elbows and knees.

At the 2017 edition of the Award in the Sport – Performance and Innovation category, a committee of experts, designers, critics and specialised journalists handed designer Fanny Boria and Cristiano Silei, CEO of the Dainese Group, the Compasso d’Oro, which has, since 1954, been awarded to excellent product design, following an evaluation of the technology and research behind the product.

The statement by the jury focused on the quality and innovation of the Pro-Armor system: “Ideas that can save elbows, knees, backs and therefore lives, thanks to the attention paid to the safety of people in general and motorcyclists in particular. The Pro-Armor protection system features a technical and expressive design inspired by fractal geometry and the perforated structure, with variable pattern, distributes either flexibility or rigidity where it is needed, keeping the inserts light and breathable. The result is a painstakingly precise design for ‘invisible’ objects that are concealed inside sportswear. Apart from the stylistic expression, which is typical of current sporting language, the quality of the solution presents the possibility of extending its functional and expressive use to other sports equipment.”

Dainese also received an “Honorable Mention” at the awards for the Mugello R D-Air® airbag suit and for the AGV Pista GP R helmet.

Cristiano Silei, CEO of the Dainese Group, underscored the fact that design, safety and research are interconnected: “We wish to thank the ADI for this award, which is a source of pride for the entire Group. It’s an award that goes first and foremost to the work done by our designers and by the research and development teams at Dainese and AGV. This is confirmation of the quality of our products, which blend research, technology and an elegance that is typical of the Italian tradition. The award recognizes the foundational role played by design within the complex system we call safety, which has always been the core mission behind our work.”

The 2017 Compasso d’Oro International Award is another jewel in the Group’s crown, along with other important official awards earned by Pro-Armor Dainese, including the Red Dot Award and the 2017 Good Design Award, the most prestigious award for the sector in Japan and one of the top international awards.

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