AJP Motorcycles launches online purchasing option

AJP Motorcycles has launched its own online motorcycle and accessory purchase program, 2Easy 2Buy, which enables U.S. customers to purchase an AJP motorcycle from anywhere in the country. 

The following are the details about the program, released by AJP: 

Customers can pick up the bike of their choice from their closest AJP dealer, or in some cases have the motorcycle shipped directly to them. After selecting an AJP motorcycle, customers can also purchase any Factory AJP accessories of their choosing, and these parts will be installed by their dealer at no extra cost.

There is no longer a need to call around to various dealers and check inventory, or drive many hours to a distant dealer hunting down a particular model or accessory. Customers can simply click and buy at their convenience, and AJP promises to take care of the rest.

In parallel, AJP has also established the 2Easy 2Buy Accessory program.  This feature enables AJP customers to order from AJP's list of Factory AJP accessories online and have them delivered right to their home.

In addition, the closest AJP dealer to each ordering customer will be credited with the sale. In this way, AJP's growing dealer network is fully supported regardless of which source a customer purchases their parts and bike from — either brick & mortar or online.

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