GasGas partners with MotoVentures

Torrot GasGas NA has entered into a partnership with MotoVentures Inc. Effective immediately, MotoVentures Inc. will serve as the Official GasGas West Coast Training Center. In addition, GasGas is proud to be the Official Trials Motorcycle of MotoVentures Inc. This new partnership will be a win-win for all parties involved, with current and prospective GasGas enthusiasts benefiting the most! 

Here is how the program works:

  • Buy any new GasGas Trials model from any GasGas dealer in the United States:
    • Receive a voucher for ONE free session of Fundamental Trials Instruction at MotoVentures:
      • Gain a solid foundation of trials technique and skill from Gary LaPlante at MotoVentures’ private, 350-acre trials riding paradise that is conveniently located in the center of sunny Southern California ($275 value).
    • Bring your bike or use one of MotoVentures’ latest state-of-the-art GasGas trials models.


  • Contact MotoVentures and schedule a training session:
    • Ride the latest state-of-the-art GasGas trials bikes to get the best possible trials riding experience; try all the current GasGas trials models before buying!
    • Learn the fundamentals of trials from Gary LaPlante at MotoVentures’ private, 350-acre trials riding paradise that is conveniently located in the center of sunny Southern California.
    • Receive a coupon for $275 off any new GasGas motorcycle redeemable at any GasGas dealer in the United States.
      • PLUS get free training with MotoVentures after buying your new bike (another $275 value, see above)
    • MotoVentures customers will have a chance for a free demo ride on the GasGas EC300 off-road bike and other future off-road models.
    • MotoVentures Kids will get a chance to try the GasGas E-Kids models, the TXT80 and 125 School, and additional future models.

"We are excited to join forces with Motoventures. Gary LaPlante is a true OffRoad/Trials enthusiast with resources that can help us promote the GasGas brand. The try before you buy concept will help get people into the dealerships and onto our equipment. Motoventures riding clinics will help the new buyers raise their skills after the sale. This relationship is a win win for everyone!" said Geoff Aaron of GasGas.

"Talk about Synergy! With GasGas and MotoVentures working together many more prospective consumers will be exposed to the wonderful world of trials riding in the most responsible way; by providing free trials training with MotoVentures.  We are very proud that GasGas has chosen MotoVentures to represent them and we look forward to working with GasGas to provide consumers with the best trials bikes and the best trials training services too," said Gary LaPlante, president of MotoVentures Inc.


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  1. Fantastic connection for Gas Gas... Gary LaPlante is a true professional and will serve them and their riders well.
    Bill Kniegge

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