Yamaha releases unmanned herbicide sprayer boat

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced that the unmanned Water Strider boat will be available for the agricultural market beginning April 25. The boat is capable of being remotely controlled for the herbicide spraying work required before and after rice planting and direct sowing in paddy rice cultivation.

The Water Strider is an unmanned boat, measuring approximately 1.6 m in length, which sprays herbicide from its hull while traversing rice paddies via a wind-power generated from its propeller driven engine, with steering operated through a dedicated transmitter. At this time there is no license require to operate the boat.

The Water Strider will be available beginning April 25 with the recommended sale price of 972,000 yen and has a target first year sales goal of 150 units.


Water Strider main features: 
1- Speedy chemical supply through the adoption of the industry's first detachable cassette tank*1
2- Excellent handling and maneuverability due to the lightweight body and shape of the hull (capable of operating in water depth of over 5 centimeters)

3- Innovative shock absorbing material*2 applied to boat development technology

4- Ever increasing nationwide service network *3

*1 One detachable cassette tank is supplied as standard equipment.Additional tanks are available for purchase separately

*2 Impact absorption technology is currently under patent application

*3 After-sales services that provide parts and maintenance are carried out by Yamaha unmanned helicopter dealers across the country

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