Massimo, Bennche form UTV joint venture Sportsman Country, LLC

Powersports Business has learned that Massimo Motor Sports, LLC and Bennche, LLC, two Texas-based powersports companies, announced a new strategic joint venture that will strengthen both brands and greatly benefit both customer bases through enhanced operations.

Massimo and Bennche come from similar humble origins and share the same goal: to better serve their dealers and customers. To achieve this goal a new entity has been created called Sportsman Country, LLC.

The driving forces behind this venture are highly complementary business values, product offerings, and expertise from the two companies. The joint venture brings together two of the nation’s premier powersports brands.

Over the years Bennche has built an expansive dealer network across the nation; they maintain and support this network through a comprehensive support package and strong marketing. Massimo dealers will benefit from this increased support and expertise. Massimo’s strengths in both sourcing and quality production will, in turn, help Bennche dealers via increased customer base and added dealership revenues.

In addition, Massimo will now be able to focus more on new UTV product development and manufacturing efficiencies, ultimately supplying the world with quality manufactured side-by-sides that are 100 percent Texas-based.

All Massimo and Bennche dealers will be unaffected by the transition and dealers can continue to use credits as they did prior to the transaction. The joint venture will manage both brands and dealer networks under the same staff and representatives already familiar to them.

“The synergies of this new partnership were obvious for many reasons,” said David Shan, founder and CEO of Massimo. “The economies of scale and scope advantage both companies and the two organizations complement each other perfectly in terms of gap filling.”

“Massimo’s growth over the past few years has been impressive,” said Johnny Tai, founder and CEO of Bennche. “With Massimo’s sourcing capabilities and its 325,000 square foot, state of the art manufacturing facility, we can benefit from each other’s strengths to create an unparalleled experience for our dealers and customers.”

Following the execution of the joint venture, Sportsman Country will continue growing the Massimo and Bennche brands based on the respect and appreciation for all current dealers.

Shan will serve as chairman of Sportsman Country, and with Tai as president and CEO of Sportsman Country.

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