Bison Thunder Motorcycle launches support campaign (video)

Bison Thunder Motorcycle of St. Michael, Minnesota will use its big giveaway of a $30,000, custom-designed 2016 Indian Springfield motorcycle to inspire every Minnesota resident to give $1+ to Special Olympics of MN.

One of the leading Indian Motorcycle retail and customization dealers in the US, Bison, enlisted the assistance of MindMe Mobile and Vidzmedia to undertake the challenge of reaching Minnesota’s over 5-million residents. The resulting guerilla-marketing campaign promotes a virtual, bucket-styled challenge designed to inspire the whole of Minnesota to collectively make history by each individually giving a seemingly inconsequential amount. Using anecdotal evidence from early stage donations to the campaign, it is expected that most will give in excess of $5 to such a worthy cause. Campaign supporters have commented unofficially that this campaign has the potential to raise upwards of millions of dollars in support of Special Olympics of MN.

The campaign, which allows entrants to text “bison” to “26786” or click here to enter will culminate at Bison Thunder’s 5358 Quam Circle NE, St. Michael, MN location, Saturday, December 10, at 4 p.m. when the dealership will welcome as many as 700, randomly-selected, RSVP'd, semi-finalists to a gala event catered by event co-sponsor Cowboy Jacks Restaurants. One of 700 semi-finalists will ultimately be selected to win the motorcycle from the many who register for a chance to win.

The first prize, a 2016 Indian Springfield motorcycle, has been customized using Bison's multi-stage "EXPERIENCE IT" process that features the brand colors, logos and motifs of Cowboy Jacks, Special Olympics of MN and Bison Thunder Motorcycle brand standards woven into the custom paint work, leather, steel and chrome accessories that have been hand-built into the motorcycle's exterior.

"We asked ourselves, what could we do to illustrate our desire to not only create a new destination dealership that does business differently, but to show the motorcycle world that we give more than we receive to our clients, customers and employees", said Doug Kauth, Bison Thunder's co-founder. “This bike is not only a one-of-a-kind vehicle; it is an illustration of what we will do for a discerning client who wants their motorcycles to tell a story about them, the rider, as well as the manufacturer they purchased the motorcycle from. The bike is an example of our soon-to-be launched consumer-facing, EXPERIENCE IT process where an established as well as new riders alike can transform themselves into a completely custom-outfitted, custom motorcycle owning rider all under one roof,” said Kauth.

“Creating groundbreaking charitable campaigns like this one for Special Olympics of Minnesota will, along with our EXPERIENCE IT customization process, continue to be foundational steps toward realizing our goal to be one of the leading Indian Motorcycle dealers in the country”, said Maurice Gavin, Bison’s Marketing Lead. “We are excited to share this opportunity with our major sponsor partners including, but not limited to, The AfterMidnight Group’s Cowboy Jacks, Red Bull, Budweiser, Media Partner K102, and MindMe Mobile,” Gavin continued.

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