K&N wins competition lawsuit

K&N Engineering, Inc. has announced that it won a lawsuit against Spectre Performance on Nov. 1.

In the suit, K&N alleged that Spectre intentionally made false claims regarding its air filters and air intake systems, which are similar to the cotton gauze high-flow air filters K&N invented. The claims Spectre made were about the filtration, fuel savings, air flow, horsepower capabilities and approval by the California Air Resource Board.

After hearing seven days of testimony from 14 witnesses and seeing hundreds of exhibits, the jury deliberated for three hours and ruled in favor of K&N, awarding K&N $7.3 million in compensation from Spectre. The jury also ruled against an allegation by Spectre that K&N falsely advertised the horsepower capabilities of its air intake systems. In that ruling, the jury found K&N’s advertising was not false. United States District Judge Virginia A. Phillips heard the case in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (Eastern Division).

Following the trail, K&N CEO Steven Rogers said in a statement that he was “pleased with the outcome of the trial which should bring a final end to Spectre’s making false claims designed to influence consumers with misinformation dressed in the guise of tests that were not reliable, were not performed, or were not representative of the actual characteristics of Spectre’s products. It has been a two-year battle to right this wrong, and we are fortunate to have the U.S. legal system to fall back on when all else fails.”

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