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DX1 feature streamlines inventory management and sales process

Solutions provider DX1 has launched Part Kits for all dealers using the company’s software solution. DX1 Part Kits is a new-wave feature designed to improve inventory management and sales processes by grouping part numbers.

This feature streamlines inventory organization by adding a preformulated list directly to a work order by clicking one button to minimize errors and lost time searching. The sales process can be sped up by scanning one barcode to load multiple accessories to an invoice so customers can get on the road faster. Price updates and discounts on individual items will automatically transfer to any kits with those items included, saving hours of additional updates. The ability to customize and group any combination of parts and accessories under a single kit number offers a seamless experience for dealers and customers.

“We are excited to introduce DX1 Part Kits, a feature that redefines how dealerships manage and sell PG&A,” says Justin Quinn, product manager at DX1. “With DX1 Part Kits, dealers can expect better efficiency, flexibility and control over their inventory management and sales processes which ultimately enhances the customer experience.”

Key features

  • Kit Creation and Management: Dealers can effortlessly create or manage kits by grouping multiple part numbers under a single kit number.
  • Define Kit Details: Dealers can define the kit number, description, locations, memo of the kit and individual parts within the kit, providing clarity and organization.
  • Kit Price Tied to Sum of Individual Parts MSRP/DSP: Associates the kit price with the sum of the MSRP or DSP of individual parts.
  • Customizable Pricing: Automatic price updates on individual parts will transfer to created kits or override the automatic price updates by setting a specific price for each part within the kit.
  • Barcode Scanning for Kit Identification: Allows dealers to scan a barcode of the kit number to populate all individual parts in that kit on invoices.
  • Substitution of Parts in a Kit: Enables dealers to easily substitute parts within a kit.
  • Special Order (SO) for Individual Kit Parts: Allows dealers to create a special order for an individual part if it runs out of stock within a kit.
  • Copy Kit from invoice: Dealers can copy parts from an invoice to create a new Kit, with an option to select the specific invoice if multiple part invoices are present.
  • Reporting on Kit Sales and Details: Generates reports to provide insights into kit sales, performance and individual part details.
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