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Distributor of antique motorcycle parts for sale

Liquid Asset Partners has been retained by Dixie Distributing and Dixie International (Dixie) to solicit bids for all the assets of Dixie in bulk. The famous Dixie was similar to a modern day Overstock.com, buying all the major manufacturer closeouts from 1940 until the 2000s. Pickers from across America would love the historical inventory of antique motorcycle parts Dixie has, all in like-new condition.

Dixie was founded in the 1940s as a major distributor of closeout motorcycle and manufacturer parts for American, European and Japanese motorcycles.

Purchasing companies in bulk and enormous overstocks direct from manufacturers and banks, Dixie amassed one of the largest inventories of motorcycle parts in the world, which it sold through a vast network of dealers and customers across the world. The current inventory value is estimated at over $25 million at catalog prices.

In recent years, the company has moved locations and faced challenges for inventory management and modernization to keep pace with the growing online sales business. The current sale of the company is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors, competitors and business owners to purchase a complete business with a huge inventory in bulk.

Dixie was owned by Harry Denune, who passed away just over two years ago at the age of 90. One of the first things Denune did was purchase the entire stock of Harley-Davidson spare parts from the U.S. Army surplus after WWII ended, which is still on the Dixie inventory.

β€œHe would go just about anywhere in the β€˜60s to buy huge quantities of parts from Europe and Japan. He was a master distributor very early on, and everybody in the business knew it,” said Ted Doering of V-Twin Manufacturing.

The current company is for sale in bulk with all inventory, equipment, intellectual property and customer lists. The inventory is estimated at over $25 million at wholesale catalog prices (which are typically half of eBay prices). Dixie currently operates out of two facilities in Ohio and one in Florida, with a total footprint of nearly 600,000 square feet.

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