AMA secures better insurance rates for clubs

The American Motorcyclist Association announced a new insurance program for AMA-sanctioned events that yields quality coverage and lower rates for AMA clubs and promoters, who collectively organize more than 3,000 events each year.

The program, which took effect Sept. 29, follows an effort initiated by the AMA to locate and deliver a better insurance program for its organizers. The partnership with the AMA's new "preferred" insurance provider, Lockton Affinity, brings with it new rates that have been reduced by 10 percent compared to previous rates.

"AMA racing and recreational events are the gold standard for amateur motorcycle competition and riding in America," said Joe Bromley, AMA director of racing and organizer services. "Our riders, clubs and promoters expect quality customer service and competitive prices, especially in today's environment. That's why we're pleased to be in a position to lower costs to the clubs and promoters who sanction their events with the AMA."

For more information about the updated insurance program, contact Cherie Schlatter, AMA Organizer Services Manager, at

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