MSF-supported training center to open in Jordan

After a 27-year hiatus, motorcycle licensing and registration is returning to the Kingdom of Jordan. King Abdullah II’s instructions were to establish a non-profit organization to organize motorcycle registration and ownership in the Kingdom and provide a safe and professional training program, which resulted in the creation of the Royal Motorcycle Club of Jordan (RMCJ).

The RMCJ contacted the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in 2009. As a result, on Thursday, the RMCJ celebrated the grand opening of its MSF-recognized Training Center in Jordan. Like the MSF, the RMCJ’s Training Center embraces the notion that all riders need a strong knowledge base, finely tuned skills and a safety-first mindset that includes risk management strategies in order to enjoy motorcycling to its fullest.

“We are very pleased to be bringing motorcycling back to Jordan with rider safety as a top priority,” said Omar Zarour, general manager of the Royal Motorcycle Club of Jordan. “And we appreciate the MSF’s assistance in developing a program and facility that will help achieve our goals.” 

The RMCJ’s Training Center incorporates versions of MSF curricula that were adapted to the specific traffic and roadway needs in Jordan. As part of the program development, two RMCJ representatives traveled to the U.S. for training, which included successfully completing the 65-hour MSF RiderCoach Preparation Course. 

“We are extremely honored to have participated in this program with King Abdullah II and the RMCJ,” said MSF president and CEO Tim Buche. “We have always believed that motorcycling is a universal language and that safety should always be paramount. We have enjoyed contributing to Jordan’s burgeoning motorcycling community, and we look forward to furthering our relationship with the RMCJ and providing them with support as the popularity of motorcycling grows in their country.” 

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