ROHVA launches e-course

The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) launched its new interactive E-Course for recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) safety, the association stated in a press release.

The association, sponsored by Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris and Yamaha, is providing a two-hour online course that emphasizes a safety-minded approach to ROVs. The course is free and available on the association’s Web site, rohva.org.

The E-course is the first formalized educational resource for ROV enthusiasts to reinforce driver responsibilities. It identifies key risk factors associated with ROV operation, safe riding practices designed to reduce risk of injury and resources for learning to operate particular vehicle models.
“ROHVA’s E-Course is an excellent resource for both new and experienced ROV drivers to learn how to safely operate their vehicles while enjoying the freedom of adventure they provide,” Paul Vitrano, executive vice president of the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association, stated in the release.
The course also provides ROV drivers a new resource to reinforce proper techniques and safety rules. A recent study of ROV crashes, revealing that at least one behavior warned against in manufacturer operator manuals was present in 98 percent of crashes, shows how important it is to follow such rules, according to the release.

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