U.S. Highland executives’ plane crashes

Three executives of motorcycle manufacturer U.S. Highland, perished in a fatal plane crash, as stated in a company press release released last Saturday.

The three members of the executive management team included president Mats Malmber, COO Chase Bales and CFO Damian Riddoch. They were returning from a business trip in Detroit when the plane had to make an emergency landing at Tulsa International Airport. The plane did not make it, reportedly because of low fuel, and went down in a wooded area of a city-park northwest of the airport, killing all three.

“This is a human tragedy beyond imagination,” stated U.S. Highland CEO Dr. Steven A. Moell, in the release. “Our hearts and prayers go out to their families. No words can describe the loss the families are experiencing.”

Malmberg, 41, is survived by his wife and three children. Bales, 51, is survived by his wife and two children and Riddoch, 37, is survived by his wife and four children.

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