April 2, 2007 – PWC Report

Association Issues Homologation Updates
The International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) issued two key homologation updates in February, clearing the way for three highly anticipated craft to compete in the United States, as well as all international regions.
The first update was certainly expected. Kawasaki reported that the company has produced in excess of 500 units of the highly anticipated Ultra LX and Ultra 250 X, the latter of which, at 250 hp, is the highest horsepower production personal watercraft currently on the market.
The second update, however, has been closely watched. Hydrospace’s S4, the first four-stroke standup in the industry, had yet to make homologation as of January. As of midnight, Feb. 15, however, the U.S. branch of the company reported importing in excess of 100 units of the S4, thus satisfying IJSBA homologation requirement 4.1.2.a.
Pursuant to this requirement, which dictates that production quantities less than 500 units require inspection and auditing by the IJSBA, officials completed an inspection of Hydrospace USA facilities on Feb. 15. Sixty-four units were present and accounted for, in stock and ready for distribution to the U.S. dealer network. An inspection of the company’s sales records revealed that another 54 units had already been sold or shipped to dealerships across the country. Spot checks on several of the recipients proved the records to be accurate.
“Therefore, the IJSBA is now pleased to announce that the Hydrospace S4 is legal for USA competition as of Feb. 16,” said Scott Frazier, IJSBA managing director. “2005-2007 S4 may compete in all classes subject to provisions of the 2007 IJSBA Rule Book.” psb

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