July 24, 2006 – Distributor Report

Dynojet issues second alert for counterfeit jet kits
Last December, Dynojet Jet Kits were a target of overseas counterfeiters. To the untrained eye, the kits looked and felt like genuine jet kits. Now, it seems those same counterfeiters are targeting Dynojet jet kits private labeled under such brands as Moose, FMF and Harley-Davidson, to name a few.
Dynojet’s Nelson Yee said the first thing to notice is the counterfeit box sleeve uses a Dynojet flag logo box discontinued in 2004. Also, he said, the counterfeit jet kits likely all will be in zip-lock bags. Genuine Dynojet Jets come in individually heat-sealed and labeled bags.
The counterfeit private labeled jet kits also have easy-to-identify details in the packaging sleeves. The graph on the counterfeit packaging has wavy, pixilated lines compared to the straight lines on the real product. Also on the front of the fake box, the word “Jet Kit” has lines in the background going over the text, most notably the “t” in “Jet.”
Yee said Dynojet Research tech support has received a few calls regarding these counterfeit jet kits. “We assumed these were our product and could not figure out why they were not performing properly,” he said.
“We realize that publishing this information gives a counterfeiter detail to improve their fake product, but Dynojet is committed to our quality and our customer,” he said.
Dynojet Research, Inc. is based in north Las Vegas.
Arai Launches Effort To Correct Helmets
Arai Helmets has announced a voluntary program to repair helmets that have experienced a loosening of the flexible trim strip around the helmet’s lower perimeter.
The loosening was traced to a limited number of helmets and has since been corrected.
Arai will extend its standard five-year warranty by an additional two years to give all affected consumers time to respond and be covered.
“Our first priority is to get the strips re-fastened and returned as quickly as possible, and to allow the extra warranty time for everyone to respond,” said Brian Weston, Arai director of operations.
To encourage the immediate return of the affected helmets, Arai is offering a limited “pre-paid return” offer for all helmets returned on or before Sept. 29. Arai has made special arrangements with “The UPS Stores” to pack and ship helmets at no charge through Sept. 26. Helmets shipped on or after Oct. 2 would revert to the normal warranty program procedures.
For full details, log onto www.araiamericas.com/qcs_query_tech.html to register helmets for repair and begin the process. This address is for lower trim strip repairs only.
SMT Acquires Advanced Tubing Technologies, Inc.
Samuel Manu-Tech Inc. (SMT) has acquired Advanced Tubing Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of tight-tolerance structural tubing components and assemblies for the powersports and transportation industries in North America.
SMT is an industrial products and technology company producing a wide range of steel, plastic and related industrial products and services from locations in Canada and the United States.
Founded in 1997, Advanced Tubing had sales of approximately $21 million in 2005. Employing approximately 200 people operating in a 120,000 square foot facility in Statesville, N.C., the company uses pre-cut lengths of steel tubing and precision stampings with robotic work cells to create bolt-on parts and assemblies.
The transaction is structured as a 100-percent stock purchase, or $18.2 million plus an earn-out payment, subject to certain adjustments for working capital items. Funding for the acquisition came from SMT’s existing revolving credit facilities.
SMT officials said the “strategic acquisition” expands the company’s existing capabilities in robotic welding and steel tube bending. SMT’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Samuel said Advanced Tubing “has demonstrated innovation and expertise in value-added manufacturing and we expect them to thrive within our organization.”
MSD hires vice president of Research and Development
Former Edelbrock employee Danny Castillo has joined MSD Ignition as vice president of research and development.
In his new position, Castillo will be responsible for overseeing all of the engineering and R&D operations of the El Paso, Texas-based company.
Castillo has more than 18 years of research and development experience between Edelbrock Corp., Torrance, Calif., and Axxion Group in El Paso. He also has more than 25 years of personal racing experience ranging from NHRA drag racing to SCCA sports car racing.
Langley joins Jardine
Larry Langley has taken a media relations position with Jardine Performance Products, producer of a complete line of high-performance exhaust systems and other products.
“I’m very excited to work with Jardine,” Langley said.
DuPont unveils Kevlar-elastomer composite
A new composite material comprised of an elastomer and DuPont’s Kevlar pulp was launched June 23 at DuPont’s Research, Development and Engineering Centre in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Target applications include automotive components, motorcycle and bicycle tires, hoses and belts, seals and gaskets, rubber-covered rolls, pump liners, diaphragms and molded goods.
DuPont said research has shown that combining an engineered elastomer with Kevlar has improved the performance of automobile, motorcycle and bicycle tires, improving ride and handling, reducing rolling resistance and heat generation and increasing durability.
Genuine Innovations Seeks OEM Accounts
Genuine Innovations, a Tucson, Ariz.-based producer of controllable CO2 inflation and valve systems technology, now is marketing its OEM product development services in addition to its complete line of CO2 tire inflation and repair products for the powersports industry.
Founded in 1989 by Jeff Bleecker and Tony Hollars, Genuine Innovations’ offerings include valve technology for controlling gas from high-pressure cylinders to powering many types of devices. Typical applications might include blowing and inflating, powering mechanical devices, dispensing or spraying fluids or powders, or controlling flow and/or regulating pressure.
For more information, visit the Genuine Innovations Web site at www.genuineinnovations.com. psb

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